We own a wide range of drugs to relieve the entire spectrum of pain, from mild to severe and oncological.

The name Gebro Pharma is intrinsically associated with the treatment of pain. The Broschek family, founder of this company, started its activity in the industry with products aimed at this therapeutic area. We relate our origins, our history, to products for anesthesia and a dexibuprofen marketed under the brand name Seractil®.

There is a significant number of patients with pathologies involving pain. It is estimated that one in six people in Spain (17 %) suffer from chronic pain [REF], which constitutes one of the main reasons for primary care consultation [REF].

At Gebro Pharma we are proud to contribute to the pain relief of nearly five million people. Gebro Pharma’s pain franchise, with its products, covers all three stages of the pain scale or analgesic scale as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO):
Feliben® in moderate to severe oncological pain.
Diliban® and Paxiflas® in moderate to severe oncological pain.
Seractil® in the treatment of mild pain.

The pain area is, to us, past, present and, above all, future. For more than 75 years, the portfolio of products developed -and in some cases also manufactured- in-house has been expanded. Through them we cover all the different phases of pain that people can feel and improve the therapeutic resources of healthcare professionals. Our commitment to a pain-free life is strong and also translates into pharmacological training initiatives and skills and technical knowledge for medical specialists in this area.

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