Gebro Talent

At Gebro Pharma we believe in gender equality and generational diversity. We value the people who make up our team, with the shared goal of making a positive impact on society and collective health from a healthy work environment.

Great Place to Work and Best Workplaces

A Great Place to Work with Great People.

At Gebro Pharma we promote healthy work environments where people can develop their full personal and professional potential. We understand that each collaborator is a unique and unrepeatable person and we value the contribution of each and every one of them from the maximum expression of their authenticity. We promote a participatory and egalitarian work culture where all people collaborate together to find innovative solutions in health.

In 2020 we were certified as a Great Place to Work company and in 2021 we obtained the additional distinction of Best Workplace by entering with position 21 in the list of the 50 best companies to work for in Spain (in the category of medium-sized companies). The engagement rate of 86% achieved in the first year of this certification reflects our commitment to caring for people, management based on values, the humanistic leadership model and an organizational culture where people express their creativity to the maximum and participate in the company’s decisions.

Managment Committee

Gebro Pharma's Management Committee is proof of our commitment to gender parity and equality as well as to generational diversity and equality. It is formed by the following six people.


"We're always looking for new opportunities and partnering with companies to offer innovative solutions for patients"

Victor Muñoz

"Conformamos un equipo altamente cualificado y actualizado acerca de las últimas novedades científicas"

Cristina Aranda

"El propósito de la compañía es aportar nuestro granito de arena a mejorar la salud pública"

Judit Trenchs

Our people, our DNA: the heart of our company

All members of Gebro Pharma are self-led and moreover, those with teams under their responsibility lead other people so that the organization is always prepared for the challenges of the future. We carry out humanistic leadership through which we provide employees with freedom, responsibility and autonomy. Our leaders combine the global and strategic vision of the business with the humility needed to always learn and change. Our humanism translates into caring for people based on kindness, communication and the creation of bonds of trust and mutual support.

Our constant contribution of value to patients, partners and the public health system is achieved thanks to a culture of networking where people collaborate transversally and co-create health solutions both internally and with the stake holders of the different ecosystems where we participate. This way of working fosters both collective intelligence and talent development.

We use agile work methodologies to ensure the incremental value of our solutions and to always anticipate the needs of our stakeholders. We also combine hybrid work models that allow us to reconcile the personal and professional priorities of our employees.

We conceive the well-being of people from a holistic perspective which integrates the economic, physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Our business strategy is based on the premise of ensuring this well-being at all levels, considering the diversity and inclusion of the different groups that make up our family. We work so that all Gebro Pharma people feel safe and socially and culturally enriched.

Work with us

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