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Passion for Science, Innovation and Research


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At Gebro Pharma we are committed to a dynamic, open and incremental innovation strategy through which we establish synergies with prestigious scientific partners with whom we create innovative solutions in our therapeutic areas.
We participate in an ecosystem of collaborations where we share our passion for Science and Research with hospitals, public research centers, start-ups, pharmaceutical companies and technology and health hubs.

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From incremental innovation we seek innovative approaches especially in the administration of drugs that represent both a contribution of value for the treatment of patients and an improvement for the National Public Health System. Our reason to research is to generate new therapeutic solutions that revolutionize the effectiveness of medicines, thus improving the quality of life of patients and their caregivers.

In addition to innovation in product development, Gebro Pharma also provides innovative digital solutions that integrate new therapeutic support technologies for disease treatment.

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We promote clinical studies involving healthy volunteers and patients following the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki and its amendments, as well as the laws, regulations and regulations of the countries where the participants are enrolled. We also promote basic and preclinical research in collaboration with prestigious national research centers.

Projects related to Science and Health incorporate the highest standards of scientific rigor and always start from the real, present and future needs of patients and health professionals. Through constant dialogue with scientific communities and health professionals we seek to give a quick and effective response to the challenges of Medicine and Health.


Technology and Health Hubs


International partners

BIT Pharma (Austria)
Can-Fite (Israel)

Present in Plan Profarma

Since 2014 and consecutively, our scientific research and innovation activities have been endorsed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism of the Government of Spain through our participation in the Plan Profarma.

The Plan Profarma categorizes us under Group C: Companies without a pharmaceutical production plant but with their own or contracted R&D&I activities within the national territory.

Ongoing projects

At Gebro Pharma we are currently developing the following projects.

Completed projects

We highlight the most recent scientific projects in our more than twenty years of experience: