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At Gebro Pharma we strive day by day to improve people’s health and quality of life by combining science, innovation and talent.

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Business development /Innovation

We actively pursue synergies to boost innovation, forging collaborative and licensing agreements with other companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields.

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Science and research

At Gebro Pharma we are committed to a dynamic research strategy through which we establish synergies with prestigious scientific partners to create innovative solutions in our therapeutic areas.

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Therapeutic areas

Our pharmaceutical company is a benchmark in the fields of pain, respiratory, autoimmune diseases, and urogynecology, developing new solutions and products to enhance patients’ quality of life.

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Explore our portfolio of drugs, medicines and healthcare products.

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Gebro Health Talks

Our will is to share knowledge and talk with the scientific community. Find out more about our training sessions.

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Gebro Health Talks

Tu salud

El espacio para pacientes con problemas de asma.

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Tu salud


Find in-depth information about the pathologies related to our therapeutic areas.

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Gebro talent

Certified as a Great Place to Work company, at Gebro Pharma we promote a healthy environment where people can develop their full personal and professional potential.

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El pasado mes de enero Sergi Aulinas, CEO de Gebro Pharma, realizó una entrevista con el periódico económico Cinco Días. En ella cuenta un reciente relanzamiento de un producto de la compañía, hecho posible gracias a un acuerdo coinversiones. Aulinas señala los desafíos en el acceso a nuevos medicamentos y aboga por una sanidad pública […]

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Laboratorios Gebro Pharma, S.A. and BIT Pharma signed an agreement back in 2022 for the commercialization of Nicaplant® in Spain, subject to prior regulatory approval. The implants, currently in development, are intended to prevent cerebral vasospasm, a severe complication that occurs in a high percentage of patients who have suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage. This type […]

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