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We contribute to the improvement of the health of patients with affectations related to the therapeutic areas of oncology, neurosurgery, urology and drug dependence.

In the hospital product line, our responsibility to patient care is not only therapeutic. It is also social. That is why we focus our activity on hospital medicines related to the therapeutic areas of oncology, haematology, neurosurgery, urology and drug dependence. We offer the national health system the possibility of exclusive and differentiated hospital medicines.

Our products are:

Beyond medicines, we also contribute to health through collaboration in scientific projects with researchers in healthcare centers, academic institutions, scientific societies and patient associations. In this aspect we promote initiatives that facilitate better management, efficiency and quality of the health system. We manage access to medicines by committing ourselves to innovation and training of health professionals.

We work transversally offering our services and assessing on how the best care model should be, considering the role of the hospital pharmacy and its relationship with the rest of the medical specialties, managers and patients.

For us, patients are as important as their social environment. Our extensive therapeutic portfolio of products allows the healthcare professional to personalize the treatment and adapt to the social and health changes of each patient.

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