The Gebro Holding Group markets its own brands and also enters into agreements with third parties for their marketing.

RX Products


Active substance: dexibuprofen 200 mg, 300 mg, 400 mg
Indication: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic
Form: film-coated tablets, sachets


Active substance: desmopressin
Indication: nocturnal enuresis (only for tablets),central diabetes insipidus
Form: nasal spray (0.1 mg/ml), tablets (0.1 mg, 0.2 mg)


Active substance: alprostadil 20 μg/ml concentrate for infusion
Indication: treatment of peripheral arterial occlusive disease (Fontaine stages III-IV)
Form: ampoules containing ethanol

Xylanaest® purum

Active substance: lidocaine-HCl (0.5%, 1%, 2%)
Indication: local anaesthetic (in AT, CH: specific for neural therapy also as Xyloneural®)
Form: ampoules, vials


Active substance: oral rehydration mixture
Indication: replacement of fluid and electrolyte losses resulting from diarrhoea and vomiting
Form: sachets, 13,1 mg


Normhydral® (for adolescents and adults)

Active substance: oral rehydration mixture
Indication: replacement of fluid and electrolyte losses resulting from diarrhoea and vomiting
Form: sachets, 13,1 mg

Normolyt® (for infants and children)

Active substance: oral rehydration mixture
Indication: replacement of fluid and electrolyte losses resulting from diarrhoea and vomiting Form: sachets, 5,4 m


Active substance: natrium picosulfate
Indication: obstipation
Form: drops


Active substance: Dexibuprofen 200 mg
Indication: treatment of pain and fever in colds and flu-like infections
Form: film-coated tablets

Makutussin® (swiss registration)

Active substance: codeine phosphate hemihydrate
Indication: cough relief, especially for dry cough
Form: drops

OTC-products (herbal medicines)

Thyme drops®

Active substance: Thyme extract 972 mg/g Indication: cough
Form: drops (traditional herbal medicine, alcohol-containing)

Alpinamed AG

Competence in herbal extracting High quality health products

Alpinamed AG belongs to the Austrian Gebro Holding GmbH. The company is nowadays one of the leading manufacturers of standard and special extracts. These are used in many pharmaceutical products, in nutri- tional supplements and in innovative cosmetic products.
As a system supplier, we offer complete tailor-made solutions:

  • Extracts in liquid or dry form
  • Derived products as bulk supplies
  • Sales-ready finished products

Food Suplements (natural ingredients)

Gluten-free and lactose free

Alpinamed® Lingonberry product line

Ingredients: extract of fresh lingonberries
Use: food supplement
Form: tablets, sachets, concentrate for oral solution, toffees

Alpinamed® Curcuma product line

Ingredients: turmeric root extract & curcumin
Use: food supplement for the support of intestinal & musculoskeletal health
Form: capsules, liquid

Aplinamed® Black Garlic

Ingredients: black garlic (fermented garlic), Vitamin B1 + B2,
Use: dietary support for a healthy heart and nervous system
Form: soft gel capsules

Contact manufacture

Flexibility and costumer-oriented service is our strenght


Gebro Pharma produces medicinal products, food suplements/dietary products and cosmetics in various pharmaceutical forms. We supply partners in more than 20 countries worldwide, in compliance with crrent Good manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Solid Forms

(Maximum batch of 400 kg)

  • Tablets
  • Film coated tablets
  • Blister packaging of various forms
  • Power in tins

Injection solutions

Injection solutions Terminal sterile products with a maximum batch size of 500 litres:

  • aqueous solutions
  • glass ampoules
  • vials

Liquid Forms

Power in tins (maximum batch size of 2.000 litres):

  • aqueous solution
  • alcohol solution
  • glass or plastic bottles in combination with various types of seal, such as drip plug, nasal spray



Incoming goods control of raw materials

  • GMP-compliant batch release
  • Stability tests
  • Analytical method development


In association with our wholesale activity we are also pleased to offer you for the Austrian market:

  • Storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products,
  • also as refrigerated products depending on the quantity

Regulatory support

  • Life cycle management support (change report)

Innovation and development

Rethink, reinvent, optimize drugs

We are putting patients and healthcare professionals at the centre of it’s momentum. We are passionate about creating our own innovation projects by partnering with recognised public and private research groups and with national institutions of the highest level.

In our headquarters in Austria, we offer full development services – from the idea to the finished product.
A galencial laboratory equipped with state of the art technology.

  • Development, scale-up and troubleshooting of solid, liquid and semi-solid dosage forms.
  • Recipe development including production od pre.stability samples.
  • Scale-up and support of the product transfer to our production facilities through to process validation.
  • Development and validation of all common analytical methods.
  • Chemical-physical analysis of test series, pre-stability and iCH stability sample.