Fully committed to transparency

The transparency of information in a society is undoubtedly one of the most important symptoms of its democratic and participatory health. With transparency we build credibility and strengthen confidence in a sector where being linked to people is vital.

Total and absolute: Our commitment to comply with the legal and ethical regulations governing the promotional activity of medicines and the interrelationships between Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations is total and absolute. Equally, we comply with the Spanish Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry, which in article 18 urges us to annually publish the payments or transfers of value made to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations.

In 2018 our collaborations were distributed as follows:

Consult more about our activity in the following documents:

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Organizaciones de Pacientes: Datos 2019


Personal and professional ethics

The fact that we care about life and health above all implies a high sense of personal and business ethics. How do we understand this concept? It’s simple. Not only do we do “the right thing” but we also seek to “do good” and be “morally fair”. These are essential commitments in our sector!

At Gebro we have a Compliance system that guarantees that all our actions are framed in strict accordance with the Law and the Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

This requirement also extends to all the people with whom we interact: partners, collaborators, suppliers, scientific, academic and patient societies, and, of course, our entire team. It also covers the scientific, medical, financial, labor, institutional, communicative, environmental areas.

As a subsidiary, our Compliance system is based on the Code of Conduct and Principles of the Gebro Pharma Group. Our principles are these:

  • Health and Safety Guarantee of patients and drugs
  • Defense of Labor Rights and Animal Rights
  • Environmental Protection
  • Corruption Prevention and Safeguarding Competition
  • Data Protection and Privacy
  • Prevention and management of critical incidents
  • Compliance Management

Gebro Group Code of Conduct and Principles:

Complaint channel:

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to report an irregularity related to us you can send us an email through our complaints channel: compliance@gebro.es
Our Compliance ensures our main asset: trust.

Compliance System:

Within the framework of our Compliance system at Gebro Spain, we also have our own Code of Ethics and Conduct. It is the first level of control of our Model of Organization, Prevention and Detection of criminal risk behaviors. It is something like our deontological framework: duties and obligations to be morally fair. We invite you to read it so you can get to know us more!

The publication of these data responds to the transparency obligations derived from the Spanish Code of Good Practices governing the Pharmaceutical Industry. The publication of the information does not derive a general authorization so that those who access this website can carry out an additional treatment of the data of the professionals, such as information crossover with data published on other partners websites.