In-licensing and partnering strategy

With a broad business vision and made up of an experienced and dynamic team, the Business Development Team’s mission is to establish collaboration and licensing agreements with other companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

Proven to be a best-in-class commercialization partner focused on the acquisition, licensing and development of specialty, innovative and value-added healthcare products for human health.

Its main goal is to commercialize new products in those European markets where Gebro has a presence.

Committed to improvingpeople’s lives by bringing the right products to market, Gebro is actively looking for prescription products in the following areas:

  • Rheumatology
  • Pain
  • Urology
  • Respiratory
  • Dermatology
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Hospital niche opportunities
  • Other opportunities that may complement our portfolio.

Gebro offers a deep knowledge of the market in its therapeutic interest areas and a great flexibility in both the dealing with partners and the collaboration model. New projects are taken with high commitment from all the different levels in the organization.

Local player of choice for regional deals

The company has a history of agreements signed with important local companies and large multinationals within the sector that have led to commercial successes and are a guarantee of our company’s credibility as a partner of choice.

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Nature does not evolve, it innovates! And we follow in its footsteps. Given that innovation requires more than just added value from the perspective of the patient or the partner, it is a vital attitude. It is knowing how to be present in a creative spirit and work from the point of view of creativity, collaboration, mental openness and, above all, curiosity, as nature does.

In Gebro, innovation moves us to rethink, reinvent and optimize drugs, putting patients and healthcare professionals at the center of this unstoppable momentum.

Within our innovation department we generate ideas for drugs based on known molecules but ones that succeed in making a more healthy contribution to patients and their caregivers. And that extra contribution can come in the form of efficiency, safety, dosage, route of administration, formulation, combinations etc.

We are passionate about creating our own innovation projects by partnering with recognized public and private research groups and with national institutions of the highest level. Where are we looking for such projects? In areas where we are strong: autoimmune diseases, and the areas of pain, respiratory disease and urology. For ideas to come to fruition we look to develop experiences with innovation where business, people and technology interact.

What do we consider important in people? We believe the most important things are the needs and desires of patients, health professionals and markets. We listen to them and observe with great curiosity to identify how we can help them, and how to meet any unmet demands they may possess.

Where does technology come in? There we specify the abstract part of a solution or a prototype, displaying all of our mental openness and creativity.

And in Business? There we make real the concrete proposal at the business level, collaborating from the beginning to the end with our partners, sharing a win-win philosophy where we establish long-term relationships of trust that go beyond mere numbers.

We have a virtual R&D model in which the organization works with a limited number of internal staff and uses external resources, technologies and facilities on demand to develop its R&D projects.
This model offers numerous advantages such as reduced capital requirements and financial risks, reduced overall costs, limited infrastructure costs and, of course, greater flexibility.

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