Our relationship with dermatology began 15 years ago when we offered for the first time in Spain a new solution to treat the skin of patients with psoriasis, a condition affecting 2.3% of the Spanish population.

Our treatments cover different needs for psoriasis patients, ranging from the treatment of mild to moderate psoriasis using a topical drug, to moderate to severe psoriasis using a systemic drug, which is widely recognized as the current gold standard for this type of patients.

The first of these drugs to arrive to the Spanish market was Metoject®, a subcutaneously administered methotrexate. Since the introduction of Metoject®, the first pre-filled syringes with this active ingredient in Spain until today, we have won the trust of more than 40,000 patients affected by this chronic condition, for whom we have been able to provide a value added health solution.

Our devices and formulations have greatly evolved over the years expanding to new indications and introducing new formats and presentations. This is also reflected in the recent launch of a Metoject® Pen, a pre-filled pen device for the automatic administration of subcutaneous methotrexate. This pen has been developed entirely to cover the needs of people who require or prefer the self-administration of methotrexate.

In 2019, the psoriasis portfolio was expanded with the commercialization of another health solution for the patients affected by plaque psoriasis: the first corticoid patch available in Spain, with betamethasone, one of the reference treatments for the topic treatment of the plaque psoriasis. Cortitape® is a dressing to cover, treat and whiten the areas of the skin, facilitating the day-to-day life of patients with psoriasis.




Metoject Pen®